Safilo in "Backward"

June 16 2010

The Safilo Group took part in the movie “Backward” directed by Max Leonida. Produced by Golden Cloverleaf Inc. and distributed by MICROCINEMA, the movie was released Friday, June 4.

“Backward” is a realistic, vivid and many-voiced movie, a unique story in which the lives of a young inter-regional soccer team converge. The location ranges from the splendid Piedmont province, its culture, peculiarities and vineyards, to fast-moving Los Angeles.
The main characters are Marta, a young Italian-American manager who inherits the presidency of the soccer team following the untimely death of her father, and Stefano, formerly a famous Series A goalkeeper with a great career in the national team, whose role as trainer is his mission in life: he teaches his players not only technique but also important values like respect, courage and solidarity.
The entire provincial universe of this small semi-professional soccer team revolves around Stefano and Marta: every player is a costar and brings to the stories his own ambitions, expectations, problems and disappointments.

The movie, which was very successful at its presentation in the “Marché du Film” section of the Cannes Film Festival, May 13, leaves the game of soccer on the sidelines and gives space to the players’ experiences, the search for their dreams and the determination of a group of people who believe, first and foremost, in everyone’s right to win.

The style and colors of the movie emulate those of the best and most successful American comedies and Safilo, Blue Bay, Oxydo, Carrera and Smith eyewear is worn by actors who include such important names as Randi Ingerman (in the role of Marta), Fabio Bonini (Stefano), Tony Sperandeo and LORIS MAZZA, costar in the role of Loris.


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