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Sensity: 100% Hoya technology

July 10 2014
Treatments, geometries and innovative, exclusive materials now with the best photochromic solution The new Sensity lenses by Hoya meet the needs of consumers who have never been satisfied, until now. Darker, natural colors that do not tend toward red or blue and stability in all weather conditions: these are the obvious benefits that numerous eye care professionals are now recognizing also in Italy.   They stand out because they are a real photochromic innovation thanks to Stabilight Technology® - which guarantees constant performance in all seasons and all weather conditions - and to Photochromic Precision Technology for optimal vision quality and durability.   Stabilight Technology® is responsible for constant performance in all seasons, temperatures and weather conditions. Tested in a variety of climates, regions, altitudes and temperatures, Stabilight Technology® ensures that the lenses darken like a category 3 sun lens (up to 45% darker in 90 seconds) and lighten quickly (23% lighter in about one minute) thereby exceeding the limits of previous-generation photochromic lenses. 100% UV protection is also always guaranteed in the light and dark states, including index 1.50, so that invisible eye protection is always ensured.   Hoya Sensity lenses also ensure the quality, safety and durability derived from the perfect integration of Hoya's famous treatments and materials. These aspects are constructed internally thanks to the expertise and ability of the Research and Development and Production and Design departments: 100% Hoya.   With Photochromic Precision Technology the thin photochromic layer is always evenly distributed with microscopic precision over the entire surface of the lens, for a more effective use of the entire area and a maximum optical quality that guarantees consistent performance.
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