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Silhouette donates 20,000 pairs of glasses to the Red Cross

May 6 2020

In recent weeks the COVID-19 emergency has brought about a strong increase in the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as coveralls, masks and protective eyewear. The size of the demand at the global level has created serious problems for the supply chain with regard to equipment that is vital at this time, especially in the healthcare field. All Silhouette International employees and executives could not help but share the preoccupation for and concern about the safety of healthcare professionals at this difficult time, and were inspired to donate 20,000 pairs of Evil Eye, the brand of sports eyewear recently created by Silhouette, to the Red Cross.

In addition to delivering to the Red Cross the e001-trace pro model with transparent lenses, the company is also further developing specific Evil Eye e012 epyx-y and e015 epyx-x models that are already fitted with transparent lenses. This will make them perfect for use by healthcare professionals and the Red Cross, who have already tested and approved them. These other two models will soon be ready and shipped. Silhouette is pleased to make its contribution to ensure that healthcare professionals have reliable and safe PPE that protects their health and helps them to have a clear view of a future that, we are convinced, will once again be bright.

Ph. Susanna Kumpfmüller, Brand Director for Evil Eye, the Silhouette International Group eyewear brand, and Dr Walter Aichinger, President of the Austrian Red Cross (credits: OÖKR/Affenzeller).

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