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Silhouette: new sunglasses collection 2007

September 28 2006

Silhouette presented a preview of its new sunglasses collection for 2007 at the Lidia Cardinale fashion show in Milan.

For over 20 years, Lidia Cardinale has been synonymous with haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion with a femininity that is both glamorous and elegant and her fashion show was the ideal stage for the sophisticated and discreet lines of the distinctive new Silhouette collection.

A 'fashion accessory' par excellence, Silhouette eyewear combines trendy design and attractive lines with the more modern technologies that make them an intelligent protection against the sun.

With a new concept of sunglasses, Silhouette presented Ideal Eyes, a collection that will protect the eyes from all damaging rays (UV, blue light and reflective). ideal Protection, ideal Pol, ideal Golf and ideal Image are the four types of filters that offer specific solutions for protecting the eyes from the sun.

Ideal Protection is certainly the most innovative eyewear; not many people know that UV rays are not the only eye-health hazard, even more dangerous is the blue light, one of the highest energy lights that can irreversibly damage the eyes. To avoid this, Silhouette has developed a special blue-light filter that will absorb 97% of this particular light, increase the perception of color contrasts, and guarantee very crisp vision without altering colors.

With ideal Pol, Silhouette offers even more complete protection when exposed to reflected light.
The light waves reflected on water, snow, and even on sand or tarmac, can disturb the eyes and prevent clear and sharp vision of the surrounding areas. Thanks to a special 12-layer technology, the Ideal Pol polarizing filter with multifunctional protection effectively eliminates glare and also filters out the damaging blue light.

Particularly suitable for golfing is Ideal Golf.
Ideal Golf immediately increases color contrast perception (especially white and green) and guarantees better three-dimensional visibility. All uneven ground, every blade of grass and, of course, the ball itself, can be identified with extreme precision.

Lastly, the more fashion- and design-oriented proposal: Ideal Image in attractive, but discreet and always trendy colors: green, gray, aloe, mulberry and apricot, for a fashionable look that doesn't forget about sun protection.

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