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Rita Ora silhouette

Singer Rita Ora has signed a partnership deal with Silhouette.

May 31 2022

In her latest social media posts, the pop star and style icon Rita Ora, who

has over 20 million followers on Instagram, is wearing the 2022 sunglasses collection by Silhouette.
The glasses selected for the shots are the Limited Edition Futura Dot (with just 1,964 pairs created worldwide), the Fisher Island model from the Rimless Shades collection, the TMA glasses.

Commenting on social media about the partnership between the company and the pop star, Atissa Tadjadod, Silhouette Brand Director, said: "Rita Ora perfectly represents the Futura Dot model and its heritage. Music legends wore Futura glasses in the 70s, making them a must-have item for collectors. Rita Ora carries on this tradition”.
Speaking about the Rimless Shades collection, Tadjadod added: “Rita’s bold personality perfectly reflects the glam spirit of the rimless Fisher Island glasses”.
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