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Smith the protagonist of the 'Pow Wow Railbattle 06 Augsburg'

December 22 2006

Daniel Schiessl during the competitionAt the beginning of November, the city of Augusta in Germany hosted the second edition of the 'Pow Wow Railbattle'. Over a hundred snowboarders, among the bravest and most competitive in the world, met in 'Willy Brand Platzt' to give their fans a week-end of sensational performances on their boards.

Smith, a world leader in the production of sunglasses, ski and snowboard masks for over 30 years, was among the protagonists of this event, which attracted a large crowd, with thousands of people cheering on the athletes competing to step onto the much-coveted podium.

The German Daniel Schiessl, Smith's testimonial for its eyewear and mask models, was undoubtedly the winner of the competition in the 'Freeski' category, captivating the jury and public with his spectacular feats on the ramp, at least 12 meters high.

During his extraordinary acrobatics, the German champion wore the 'Fuse' ski mask, with its unmistakable profile and attractive style.

Double lenses with patented Carbonic TM Regulator technology, Outrigger Positioning SystemTM, special painting, inside coating with incredibly comfortable materials, elasticized band with closing clip: these are the mask's innovative features, as well as being a perfect fit with or without a helmet, with fog-free vision. And what's more: the model is available in decidedly trendy colors, customized with original graphic effects.

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