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Sordelli Franco launches the production of PPE

May 4 2020

Various studies have shown that infection from Covid-19 can also occur through the eyes and tears. Sordelli Franco, thanks to its deep technological know-how acquired over the years in technical/sports products, having great affinity with protective devices, responds to the global emergency with a catalogue dedicated to eye and face protection. A range of certified PPE designed specifically for various professional categories to meet the increasingly growing demand of specific products for personal protection. In a historic moment in which all systems - from health to economy, from transport to education - find themselves in a situation of crisis and have to face a huge challenge, a change of perspective and the ability to react and adapt are vital in being able to keep up.

Sordelli Franco, whose history has been part of Italy’s productive heritage over the last century, given the affinity of its products and its dynamic business, could not do anything other than launch the production and distribution of personal protective equipment expanding production and strengthening its collaboration with several long-standing partners who have always worked in the field of UNI-certified medical devices and PPE. 

This has, therefore, led to Sordelli Safety, a business division which has implemented all its expertise to quickly respond to a socio-economic emergency and which over the next few months is set to become, under certain aspects and in some areas, the norm.

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