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Start up of Certottica materials database

July 17 2006

It is now a commonly-known fact that the improvement of industrial competitiveness stems from process innovation and, as a consequence, the use of latest-generation highly technological materials that combine considerably interesting chemical, physical and mechanical performance with a very attractive appearance.

The latter point is particularly felt by the eyewear sector, in which new materials that to date have been used in other applications are now being widely applied by companies and are very popular with end users.

Recently, researchers at Certottica have developed and maintain a materials database which offers companies a permanent showcase of innovative materials that can be used in a variety of industrials areas and not just in the eyewear sector.

The main objective is to encourage the use of new materials and foster the approach to them by the designers in the country's numerous industries.

The idea sprang from the companies' requirement to quickly identify the material sought on the basis of the chosen characteristics and intended uses.

Users can see, touch and even smell the different materials. They are accompanied by special technical data sheets, which also give useful information on possible applications and the suppliers of the materials.

The project was developed to provide support for the eyewear segment and to transfer materials from one industrial sector to another without any exceptions.

This is why latest-generation nano-structure materials used in precision optics will also be added to the bank at an early date.
Currently, around two-hundred samples are stored in the materials database; each material in the database is accompanied by a data sheet showing its technical characteristics and it will soon be possible to consult it on the Internet and in the physical archives. The difference between this material database and others in Italy is that it pays specific attention to the materials that can be used in the eyewear sector and gives considerable importance to the applicability of materials in industrial processes through tests and experiments carried out at Certottica or at the premises of the interested companies.

Expected soon is an increase in the number of materials in the database, the extension to other industrial segments and a subsequent experimental stage for understanding how the materials behave in industrial production processes.

The aim is to apply innovative materials that have been imported from other application sectors to the various industrial fields and cut down experimentation times for companies.

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