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Sting launches three ‘green’ initiatives

January 16 2020

Sting is speaking out in defence of the environment in the battle against climate change and is doing so with three upstanding projects aimed at a ‘very young’ target audience, who are already extremely mindful of environmental sustainability.

The brand has decided to work alongside Save the Planet, an organisation active in the promotion of collective green projects, by pledging to offset its Co2 emissions and contribute thereby to a reduction in the damaging impact that mankind has on the environment on a day-to-day basis. In this regard, ST!NG will be supporting the ‘Amazon Earth’s Lungs’ initiative, a fundraising campaign in support of the Escola Agricola Rainha Dos Apostolos in Manaus, which, situated in the heart of the rainforest, promotes the respect and safeguarding of the eco-system. A project in line with the ST!NG spirit, a brand that has always targeted the young and that, today more so than ever before, is taking an ecological stance, declaring itself to be conscious of the current environmental crisis and ‘ready to do its part’.

The intervention of the Sting brand in defence of the environment does not stop at charitable initiatives, but also involves product investments. In order to achieve an effective reduction in the use of single-use plastics, the youngest of the De Rigo house brands has considered how it can make the various different parts that constitute the packaging of a pair of glasses - from the case and the bag, to the wall-display in the opticians store - less damaging for the planet.

Every component is recyclable, non-plasticised and FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council-certified), whilst also being easily traceable and made using raw materials deriving from forests managed according to ethically correct principles. Several components have also been ‘re-invented’ to offer new opportunities for use. For example, ST!NG has transformed a glasses case into a practical water bottle in shades of green, blue and red to symbolise the connection with the earth, sea and vital energy.

Sustainable innovation is also at the heart of another activity that the Sting brand is currently launching, involving over two-thousand Italian high school classes.

‘Your Talent, Your Future’ will see the students take part in a competition to design the eyewear of the future, with the best ideas being rewarded with shopping vouchers for both the institutes and children involved. A training course based on the awareness of climate change and concern for the environment will be led by the teachers, so as to steer the children in the right direction.


De Rigo Vision House Brand Marketing Director, Barbara De Rigo explains: “The safeguarding of the environment is a duty for us all. A concern that particularly involves the younger generations who believe that their future is at risk. This is why ST!NG, the De Rigo Group’s ‘youngest’ brand, has chosen to take a stand alongside today’s youth by launching three projects dedicated to issues of great relevance that are especially close to their hearts. This is just the beginning of the company’s virtuous set of initiatives within the green sphere. A continually evolving challenge that we feel obliged to address by playing an active part”.


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