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Study grants for all children of De Rigo Group employees.

October 26 2020

Family values and close ties to the territory: once again, the Fondazione De Rigo H.E.ART has opted to demonstrate its solidarity with Group employees through concrete action.

Considering the particular economic situation - and as an exception - the De Rigo family, through the Fondazione De Rigo H.E.ART, has decided to extend the study support grants to all children of De Rigo Vision and De Rigo Refrigeration employees.

A support for all group families

The study grants are no longer reserved for the most deserving students, but will now go to supporting all group families: this year, every employee will receive a study grant for each child enrolled in upper school and university.

A total of 216 students will receive the grant, with 161 currently attending upper school and 55 studying at universities.

Leo Gassman

An award ceremony that, this year, took place virtually in the form of a live-streamed event, which has seen the De Rigo family and all employees joined by a special guest: Leo Gassman.

After performing an acoustic track, the young face of house brand ST!NG will talk about his school and artistic experience, as well as his social commitments, which have already seen him champion a number of important causes.

The words of Barbara De Rigo, President of the Fondazione De Rigo H.E.ART

“The training, wellbeing and health of young people: here at De Rigo, these values are close to our hearts, and the Fondazione De Rigo H.E.ART is the embodiment of this concrete commitment.

This is why, in such an emotionally and psychologically challenging period, we have chosen to support the right to study of the children of all ‘our’ families. A small contribution that we hope can encourage the children to strive to make their dreams come true, by engaging with their studies and training” .

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