Summer with Marchon

September 5 2008

Marchon summer 2008 eyewear was chosen by many famous celebrities such as Rihanna and Kayne West on the music scene, Katie Holmes and Mary Louise Parker in the movie world.

Kayne West wearing CK939SThis summer, the US rapper, beatmaker, disc producer and self-proclaimed major star of the hip-pop world, was on the Madison Square Garden stage singing his biggest hits and wearing Calvin Klein sunglasses model CK939S. West took his ecstatic fans to planet Kayne in songs about searching for love and knowledge and brought them back to planet Earth with the awareness that life is a precious gift and daily miracle. Not his usual kind of concert, but an extraordinary experience in a new dimension.

Chace Crawford wearing CK3063SCalvin Klein also for the star of Gossip Girl, the 23-year-old blue-eyed blonde who is a huge success with women in the States. In the TV drama, Chace Crawford plays Nate Archibald, a wealthy young New York City socialite dealing with a complicated family and a spicy love triangle. The American teen idol was recently seen wearing ck Calvin Klein sunglasses model CK3063S.

Mary Louise Parker wearing Corsica by Michael KorsKatie Holmes, who has been married to Tom Cruise since 2006, chose Michael Kors. The American actress, who will be making her debut October in the Broadway revival of 'All my sons' by Arthur Miller, was photographed, not just with a sparkling new and jaunty look, but also wearing model MKS526.

Rihanna wearing Fendi FS504 (also in the photo, fiancé Chris Brown)And Katie is not alone, the multi-award-winning actress Mary Louise Parker also chose Michael Kors. The star of the TV drama series 'Weeds', Mary, plays a widowed mother who becomes a marijuana dealer to maintain her family's lifestyle in a residential quarter. In the award-wining series, Parker wears the Corsica model by Michael Kors.

Lastly, the queen of the hit parade, Rihanna is also a Marchon victim. The singer with platinum discs for worldwide sales was seen wearing Fendi model Skull while out shopping with fiancé Chris Brown.

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