Swarovski is back in Cannes for the 14th consecutive year

May 15 2013
An additional touch of brilliance at the 66th International Cannes Film Festival To celebrate the 2013 edition of the world's leading film festival, Swarovski has extensively explored its star collection of jewelry and accessories: the Nirvana collection.   Creative, innovative, sensual and feminine, all eyes have been drawn to the Nirvana ring since its debut eighteen years ago. Hence the creation of a matching jewelry range, including chains, earrings, bracelets and bangles, all enhanced by the precious magnificent facets of the original ring, proposed in shades ranging from Violet to Emerald, Anthracite and Cry crystal. To celebrate Swarovski's exclusive bond with the Cannes Film Festival, the company has decided to focus on the Nirvana ring to present an exclusive assortment of products specially designed to mirror the enchantment of the most prestigious film festival in the world.   THE VIP BOX 2013   At the opening ceremony of the 66th Cannes Film Festival, Swarovski will reveal its exclusive VIP Box 2013. Produced in a limited edition of only 93 items – the facets of the Nirvana ring, now a symbolic number – this special set nestles in a precious blue case that glows with the crystallized initials of the lucky receiver. Reserved for the most acclaimed stars and celebrities, the VIP Collector's Box contains the following sparkling items:   Nirvana Ring With its modern design and precise lines, this iconic creation displays Swarovski's highly skilled handcrafting mastery. The 93 facets of the ring enhance its brilliance by magnificently capturing light. The symmetrical faceted crystal prisms form a delightful heart that can only be discerned by observing the ring at close range.   Nirvana Baby Necklace This charming necklace presents a miniature version of the Nirvana ring on a matching subtle modern chain. The necklace, which stands out for its outstanding brilliance, is adorned by an enchanting Swanflower® etching. Interpreting the typical masterly craftsmanship, innovation and excellence of Swarovski, this ultimate jewel with its pure and refined beauty enhances an absolutely perfect cut.   Nirvana Star Clutch Bag The latest interpretation of the dedicated Nirvana Star clutch bag for the Cannes Film Festival exudes elegant festive charm. The unique feature of this clutch bag lies in its two completely different sides: a black self-colored leather front, and a daring back complemented by a black satin galuchat-effect print created with the Crystal Transfer technique. With 2,744 precious crystals, this exclusive clutch bag has a jewel clasp, an extraordinary Nirvana-cut crystal. It will brighten the red carpet with its glow.   Nirvana Carrie Sunglasses These evergreen feminine aviator style sunglasses define a unique figure. The ideal accessory for every fashionista. The baguette-cut crystals strewn along the top bar turn Nirvana sunglasses into a daring sophisticated jewel, while the frame and the temples made of prisms present the finely sculptured facets of the Nirvana line.   Besides the ring and chain, which are already available in stores, this year Swarovski will market 18 exclusive Nirvana Star clutch bags and Nirvana Carrie sunglasses on SWAROVSKI.COM/cannes starting from 6 May 2013.   THE RED CARPET COLLECTION 2013   With a total number of 18 clutch bags, the Red Carpet Collection 2013 reveals Swarovski's exclusive know-how in the creation of small leather accessories. This collection, which is a statement of glamour, is an extension of this year's "Star Collector 2013" line: the Nirvana Star clutch bag. To cover all choices of apparel, the Nirvana Star clutch bag is proposed in a wide selection of shades and materials, ranging from serpent leather to Crystal Mesh, adorned by the distinctive Nirvana cut jewel clasp: a genuine showpiece.   Other classic accessories have been reinterpreted as, for instance, the clutch bags Power and Allegro, and will be available in the new Crystal Rock Swarovski finish. Stars have never touched such peaks of sophisticated style on the red carpet at Cannes.   NIRVANA FASHION SUITE   The numbers 118-119-120 form a secret code that is only known to a small élite. They provide access to the Swarovski suite at Hotel Martinez, where the Nirvana ring is the core attraction in the form of a special ornament, a gigantic metal and resin-plated model of the revolutionary ring centrally placed in the suite, creating a sort of altar for fashionistas and trendsetters from throughout the world.   Guests at the suite will assuredly find the accessory of their dreams: haute couture dresses, exclusive clutch bags from the "Red Carpet" Collection 2013, vintage and contemporary jewelry, along with the latest creations of the Atelier Swarovski collection's designer. Overall, at least 2,000 unique creations are presented at Cannes, admirably merging the magic of crystal with the most magnificent silhouettes.
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