WMIDO - Milano Eyewear Show - February 4-5-6 - 2023

The “Beauty” of Albert Watson “illuminates” the opening of MIDO 2021 | Digital Edition.

June 5 2021

Opened today, the MIDO 2021 | Digital Edition. Starting today, more than 30 events, 60 guests and 400-plus brands, in an exceptional edition of the international eyewear show, following postponement of the 2020 edition, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

An all-online edition – inaugurated by the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala and by the President of ITA (Italian Trade Agency) Carlo Ferro – that shines the spotlight on international eyewear players who are proactively marketing the latest trends, in anticipation of the February 2022 in-person edition.

“Here we are. So near and yet so far apart, but wonderfully fluid and flexible, to overcome the crises with every means possible, extracting the best out of complex situations, maintaining constant an ability that could not be more human: vision”, with these words that speak of resilience and economic recovery, the President of MIDO and ANFAO, Giovanni Vitaloni, officially opened the show. “If it is true that darkness is fearsome,” added Vitaloni, “it is also true that our eyes naturally and marvelously adapt to changing light conditions. We were born to see beauty, even where it seems to be absent. And, in the simple act of seeing ‒ that connects us to the next moment, to that new recovery we are building day after day ‒ there is incomparable beauty.

This common thread ran throughout the opening ceremony of MIDO Wonders are ahead: beauty, narrated in a special, very emotional show, with an extraordinary guest, photographer Albert Watson. By way of introduction, the president of MIDO called him, “A legendary celebrityan exceptional Virgil-like poet in this journey of MIDO 2021. Who, better than he, can remind us that beauty is always in our eyes?”

“The beauty of the world is never-ending,” opined the American photographer, explaining that knowing how to see the wonder is an art that must be shared and is a message so strong “it will save the world”. With a tale that opens the eyes to landscapes, celebrities, thrilling stories, Watson invited us to open our eyes and enjoy the wonder around us.

The storytelling voice of Watson spoke of the wonders in life, in fashion and in other situations, and of the new challenges facing the world and entrepreneurs (in a post-pandemic context, sustainability, digitalization) Fabrizio Curci, Chief Executive Officer & General Manager of Marcolin, Barbara De Rigo, Chief Marketing Officer of De Rigo, Satoshi Otsuki, President and Chief Operating Officer Europe of Charmant, Mik Somers, Founder and Co-owner of Theo, Nicola Zotta, President and CEO of Marchon Eyewear Inc.

The stirring tale does not distract from the main focus of MIDO, which is the market. The same event platform offers a new B2B experience that puts buyers and exhibitors in touch, with spaces for events, lounges and rooms for sharing experiences, all aiming to be the point of reference for the global piazza, not only for the three days of MIDO 2021 I Digital Edition, but right up to December 31st, with eyes turned to the February 2022 edition – the 50th anniversary edition. Meanwhile, with the new Trivia by MIDO contest, the organizers are spurring the audience to review the industry’s history and fun facts. Starting today, until one second before midnight on June 7th, all users of the platform can answer 14 questions about the coolest accessory. The winner (who correctly answers the greatest number of questions in the shortest amount of time) will be announced on social media on June 8th and will receive a special gift.  

Tomorrow, Sunday June 6th, the second main event: MIDO Mashup, at 12 noon. Guests are chef Massimo Bottura, designer Fabio Novembre and photographer Albert Watson. Fashion and design at the center of a virtual round table that includes stars from different galaxies, along with four well-known representatives from the world of fashion (Giovanni Lo Faro, CEO Modo; Amélie Morel, Communications Director Morel; Zack Moscot, creative director Moscot; Saskia and Hans Stepper, founder and creative director of Stepper Eyewear Limited) and three promising designers (Sergio Eusebi and Livio Graziottin, founder of Kuboraum, Patrick Hoet, founder of HOET; Henrik Lindberg, founder, CEO and creative director of Lindberg).

At 1 pm, on Sunday June 6th, the winners of BeStore 2021 will be announced. This year a new category was added: in addition to awards for Design and Innovation, conferred by an international jury of industry experts, on June 8th the Your BeStore awardwill also be presented. All visitors will have the opportunity, through the platform, to vote for their own favorite optical shop, right up until one second before midnight on June 7th.

All updates will be available on line on the event website www.mido.com and on the official social channels: Instagram (@mido_exhibition), Facebook (@MIDOExhibition), Twitter (@MIDOExhibition) and LinkedIn and through the official App


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