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The 2023 Colour Trends.

January 2 2023

We are all part of a complex system, a world made up of atoms full of pure essence, life, light, and (above all) of colour. Choosing the best way to live life mindfully is now a mantra. Creating an atmosphere where we can exist in harmony is the goal that everyone pursues.

For the 2023 Colour Trends, Novacolor has selected (together with architect Barbara Sansonetti) three lifestyles as inspirational models: welcome to Cozy Life, Nomadism, and Fluid Positivity.

Cozy Life

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The Cozy life style is a world of pastel colours, soft and reassuring, which help us enjoy the home as a safe and comfortable haven. Home is a nest where we can live peacefully with our loved ones, comforted by timeless and subtle colours.

Colour palette: Inspiring Mauve (MM277), Breathing Blue (MM276), Cozy Greige (MM275), Relaxing Sage (MM278).


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The colours selected for Nomadism embody the strength and energy of someone who is in search of change but respects the traditions, history and culture of each population. Fans of Nomadism are not afraid of full-bodied, rich and imposing colours, and are ready to change and reconsider their opinions with courage and awareness.

Colour palette: Joy Yellow (MM279), Courage Red (MM281), Active Blue (MM280), Balance Green (MM282).

Fluid Positivity

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The range of Fluid Positivity colours reveals a mood that refuses to be tied down to one definition: daring to explore new, transcendental and metaphysical worlds. The bold nuances of this lifestyle are perfect for those who look to the future while embracing the present, for those who are not afraid to go beyond the borders of what is visible.

Colour palette: Positive Thoughts (MM283), Virtual Touch (MM285), Fluid Reality (MM284), Open Mind (MM286).

The three rooms that intercept the colour journey among the lifestyles with which we all identify finally lead to a new doorway opened up by Daydreaming (MM274), the colour of the year for 2023 chosen by Novacolor. Inspired by “Ajna”, the sixth chakra known as the third eye, Daydreaming emerges in intense and strong nuances, bursting with all the energy connected to perception, wisdom and intuition.

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