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The 8 trends for effective communication.

January 28 2022

The pandemic has contributed to the redefinition of brand engagement strategies, creating unforeseen challenges for the market. Over the last 24 months, companies have found themselves facing new consumer habits and demands.

Which macro-trends will affect the world of communication in 2022? We have identified 8.

1. Clear and transparent communication

According to a survey by Accenture, 50% of the population has reappraised its lifestyle. This decision has led to the need for a linear and transparent communication strategy with real feedback to evaluate whether products really live up to company promises.

2. Local shops reign supreme

According to a research study by UNA – United Companies of Communication – customers now prefer local shops. This is a trend that emerged during the various lockdown periods, and is now even stronger.

3. A broader shopping experience

Again according to UNA, companies and brands must expand their horizons and “offer an omnichannel shopping experience (through their own website, e-commerce, social network platforms and physical shops), which is interconnected and coherent wherever it takes place”.

4. Price and quality

The issues of price and quality remain important regardless of other competitive differentiation factors.

5. Real sustainability

A sustainable product (in our case, the glasses and/or lenses) is no longer enough; in fact, nowadays sustainability represents an inherent value, in some senses simply expected. The customer wants to go further than this and commit with a brand to initiatives on the frontline of “saving the planet”.

6. Inclusion and diversity

According to the results of the global research study by Deloitte, “Thriving in the Era of Customer Centricity”, there is a strong focus on Diversity & Inclusion in the advertising and communication spheres. These are two issues that consumers consider to be decisive factors when it comes to purchasing. The companies that have grown most in the last year are those which most frequently focus on achieving their goals with strategies that comprise diversity, equality and inclusion, as well as being tangibly involved in reducing cultural and demographic differences – not only in the markets they wish to penetrate, but also among their own workforces.

7. Message authenticity

Both UNA and Deloitte agree that all brand messages must be authentic, and companies must supply real and tangible responses and feedback.

8. Transparency

Among the macro-trends in marketing, transparency seems to be the one which emerges most often; not only (as we mentioned before) regarding quality and performance of a product and commitments made by the company to the environment and society, but also regarding customers’ personal data. The brand must walk the fine line between bringing special offers to the attention of its customers and invading them with unrequested messages which are not necessarily useful.

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