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The Anfao Assembly confirms Chairman Vitaloni and his team.

July 9 2021

The Assembly of ANFAO members (National Association of Optical Goods Manufacturers), has elected the board that will guide the Confindustria association for the next two years: the unanimous choice confirmed Giovanni Vitaloni as Chairman of ANFAO and MIDO.


Along with the Chairman, the entire team that makes up the Chairman’s Committee was re-elected (in their existing roles), a team which will flank the Chairman in his work right up to approval of  the financial statement of 31.12.2022 (i.e. the summer assembly of 2023):


  • Maria Lorraine Berton (ARLECCHINO SRL): industrial relations
  • Nicola Del Din (PRAMAOR SRL): Gruppo Giovani, Gruppo Sole and DaTE
  • Paolo Pettazzoni (OPTOVISTA SPA): distribution in the single market, Gruppo Lenti, CDV non-profit organisation and treasurer’s office
  • Renato Sopracolle (SOPRACOLLE SRL): district and Eurom1


  • Former Chairman Cirillo Marcolin (MARCOLIN SPA): Chairman of Confindustria Moda, relations with institutions and Confindustria.


To guarantee continuity in the Association’s activity and in order to work on the future of a sector that represents one of the most important industries of our country in terms of economy and manufacturing, during a generally complex and transitional period, the Assembly reconfirmed Giovanni Vitaloni (52) as chairman, a member of a Turin industrial family, and founder/CEO of Nico srl.

His experience includes more than thirty years in the industry: focused on practical strategies, his work team is taking on market challenges, maintaining a strategic tie with the local eyewear industry. And, above all, during these last few years of huge change, he has led the association and MIDO in tandem, achieving great results.


“It has been an extremely challenging year for the whole industry and the network of ANFAO and MIDO – stated the Chairman, Giovanni Vitaloniand, specifically because of this context, I believe even more in the importance of my role and that of the Association.

It is, therefore, a strategic policy to continue on the path we have been following for the past few years, to continue performing as well as possible in one of the most delicate moments for the industry, alongside the Chairman’s Committee; I thank them sincerely for their work, support and willingness to help, this huge value that it has contributed.

I am proud that the Assembly chose to reconfirm its trust in us – ended Vitaloni – and we are ready to look ahead to the future of a sector recognised for its excellence worldwide.”

After the nomination, a moment was dedicated to analysis with Luciano Canova, economist and scientific reporter, to share some positive and hopeful views.

The topic of happiness, linked to economic and social wellbeing in an extremely difficult year dominated by the pandemic, was the focus of the reporter’s speech and discussion between Canova and Vitaloni. A stimulus and a reflection, to construct new ideas and projects.

“How is happiness measured?” As an economist, I can say that traditionally and from a mono-dimensional perspective, money is always considered to be the main indicator of whether a person is happy and whether a country has identified the right path to follow”, explained Luciano Canova. “It is true, however, that literature from 50 years ago and the programme focused on transition, speak to us of a multidimensional approach where wellbeing is a composite of interdependent variables on a number of levels, a theory embraced also by companies.

The access to material goods that money permits is clearly still a fundamental factor in saying whether a person can be happy or not. But translating that ability into reality depends on a number of variables, both linked to the situation and not.

If the economy can embrace this vision, as happened in recent years (probably accelerated by the Covid-19 situation), also the measurement of economic wellness will become a more circular concept, not simply anchored to financial indicators”.

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