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The Glasses of the Golden edition

February 11 2020

Winner of MIDO’s 50th anniversary commemorative eyewear contest is the new brand Yugaav. After its debut at the show last year, the company crafted the most emblematic style of men’s and women’s sunglasses, referencing the anniversary through custom-designed features and details on the frames and the packaging.

“A real, true narrative underlies the design concept of our eyewear,” states Tommaso Poltrone of Yugaav. “We wanted to find a way to place MIDO and its history at the center of the design and that is what we did, retelling its 50 years through stylistic features – like the 50 milled details that are highlighted in gold for every decade – while upholding the philosophy of our brand by crafting a frame without using any screws or welding,” he explains.

The limited edition of 2020 numbered pieces reflects the year in which the 50th anniversary falls. A not-to-be-missed must for this Golden edition.


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