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The New Mask Model From Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini By Lozza

December 8 2020

The preview of the eyewear collection designed by Lorenzo Serafini in partnership with the Lozza style department will be making its debut this festive season.

A mélange of romanticism, artisan craftsmanship, lightness and femininity have inspired the design of the spotlight-stealing style, protagonist of this preview. An oversized mask model of quintessential Nineties flair, characterised by a slender metal profile that frames the upper part of the lens, before extending linearly onto the temples.

Four colour variants are available: from the most coveted with logomania detailing on the lens, to the most traditional with gradient lens and no logo, and an ultra-glamorous option with rainbow-effect lens.

The mask model comes with an iridescent case, which conceals whilst simultaneously revealing the frame within. For those seeking a touch of retro-chic, it is possible to combine this style with this season's must-have accessory: elegant chains available in both gold and silver metal and romantic white pearls, perfect for keeping your eyewear within arm’s reach at all times.

The distribution

This model, previewed as part of the Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Christmas Special Edition, is available to purchase on the e-commerce website and from the brand's boutiques. The complete collection will be launched in early 2021 and distributed in select retail stores by means of the De Rigo sales network.

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