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The Zaccagnini Institute reschedules its conference events

March 2 2020

In response to the critical situation that the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating also in an optics sector that is already in decline, the management of the Institute has confirmed the dates of two programmed events: one in Bologna as always and a completely new one in Milan. This is to prove its willingness to contribute to supporting the relaunch of the sector that this alarming occurrence threatens to make even more difficult.

The conference “Distribuzione ottica fra professione e Retail Innovation” (Distribution in the Optics sector as a Profession and Retail Innovation) will take place in the Otticlub conference room as part of the 50th edition of MIDO, 5-7 July 2020.

It will focus on the problems faced by firms in the optics supply chain that have been brought about by the drop in consumption and new kinds of competition triggered by e-commerce. Leading experts in the market and trend surveys sector will stimulate the debate.

The XXIII Interdisciplinary Congress will be held as usual in Bologna on Sunday 11 and Monday 12 October. This year’s theme will be “2030: What changes and innovations will there be for correcting vision defects?”

The event will focus on specific subjects in the optics/optometry and ophthalmology sectors through a series of plenary sessions and two “institutional” round tables. Participants will be representatives of the optics/optometry, contactology and specialised distribution industrial systems.

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