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The adventures of Briko and Bode Miller continue

October 20 2006

The new skiing season 2006-2007 is almost here and good news doesn't keep us waiting!

This year, and until 2008,Briko, the Italian brand and leader in the production of sports accessories and clothing will sponsor the brilliant American athlete Bode Miller.

The sporting and professional tie that links Briko and Miller has always brought great mutual satisfaction.

Briko has found a winning athlete in Miller, with his outstanding personality, a true icon of contemporary skiing, which is why Briko has decided to make him the testimonial for its new press campaign planned on an international level for sector publications and fashion magazines.

Bode Miller, a natural skier with great talent and many victories under his belt, has found the perfect technical partner in Briko, choosing to wear the Stratos helmet in all of his competitions - extremely light, but resistant thanks to its carbon fiber covering, keeping the internal temperature constant with Air Thru Technology, and personalized with the champion's signature and graphics designed especially for him - the ergonomic and close fitting Odissey mono-lens mask, which can be adjusted to fit all faces, offers perfect vision, even on the most treacherous downhill runs - and White Peak glasses - the most interesting innovation from Briko's collection for the season 2006/2007 thanks to the frame in Grilamid, a plastic material, which is extremely light, resistant and flexible with elastic memory to allow the glasses to fit the shape of the face perfectly.

Briko: style, energy, innovation and safety.

Miller: spirit, passion, courage and the desire to win, proving, once again, that he is number one.

Briko and Miller: an extraordinary duo that will continue to set the snowy slopes on fire all over the world.

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