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The authoritativeness of MIDO according to Marcolin Group

February 5 2020

Marcolin Group, historical player in the eyewear, has believed in the value of MIDO since its first edition. We retrace the presence of the group and the relationship with MIDO through the words of its CEO, Massimo Renon.

What was it that made Marcolin take part in the first edition of MIDO in 1971?

From the very start MIDO introduced itself as the most prestigious international and industry-recognised appointment. Manufacturers of ophthalmic products all over the world began to think of it as the ideal time for launching new products and presenting new collections. 

Marcolin immediately understood its potential and decided to participate as soon as it was set up.

How has your presence as an exhibitor evolved over the years?

Our company accompanied the evolution of MIDO by riding the wave of opportunities and supporting the initiatives. The shape, position and size of our stand have changed over the years, it has been packed with content and attracted an ever-increasing number of visitors who were interested in our new proposals.

Today, the new set-up reflects the spirit of Marcolin Group: a prestigious position, an elegant setting, modern technological content and a dynamic atmosphere.

What role did MIDO play vis-a-vis your company?

Especially during the years when our business was unable to achieve global coverage independently, MIDO allowed our company to interface with a well-respected international customers and this contributed to the international development of Marcolin Group. Buyers, potential new suppliers or customers, managers, opticians... could interface directly with different Marcolin representatives at the same time and in the same space.

In 2007 MIDO moved from Milan to FieraMilano Rho: in your opinion what were the advantages?

Composed of 20 large pavilions, FieraMilano Rho is one of the world’s major exhibition centres. The move to this location gave us and all the other exhibitors a more extensive area, cutting-edge facilities that could host many more visitors, additional services and a design hotel in the vicinity. Fiera Milano also provides a conference centre (Stella Polare) which encompasses flexible and technologically-advanced areas in addition to modular rooms where we were able to hold buying sessions with international partners during the latest editions of MIDO.

What does MIDO represent for the current scenario in the sector? And for Marcolin?

MIDO is the biggest fair in the world dedicated to the eyewear industry; the number of visits at the last edition (49th) confirms the importance of this event at international level. In fact, over the three days of the event in 2019 there were about 59,500 visitors, with professional operators coming from over 150 countries.

For Marcolin Group MIDO isn’t just a showcase for presenting new ideas in eyewear and launching new brands, it is also a place for meeting current and potential international partners, for cultivating relationships and strengthening collaborations.

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