WMIDO - Milano Eyewear Show - February 4-5-6 - 2023

The capsule collection from Alumina pays homage to aluminium.

July 30 2020

Lightweight, strong, versatile and widely found in nature: aluminium is a ductile and eclectic material with extraordinary characteristics that make it an ideal interpreter in the world of design.

“Alumina” is the new brand that was created out of the know-how and technical expertise of RotaGroup - which specialises in processing aluminium - to pay homage to this incredible material and its potential.

Dvne Milano

Dvne Milano, the debut collection, is composed of decorative bowls and plates made by a process that begins with a special aluminium alloy.

The quality and the colour effects on the surfaces change according to the intensity, orientation and characteristics of the light, to make each object unique and iridescent.

The purity of the primary alloy ensures that the waste produced by mechanical processing is 100% recyclable, and gives new life to products that are infinitely recyclable while the initial properties of the material are not lost at any stage.

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