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sea2see 5 oceans

The communication by Sea2see incentivises respect for the seas and oceans.

May 11 2022

For the S/S 2022 campaign of the collection 5 Oceans for the S/S, Sea2see has once again chosen photographer Weston Fuller. Five photographic artworks reflect the different beauty of the five oceans (each work shows one ocean) and, at the same time, evoke the fragility of our eco-system with specific reference to plastic pollution of the seas.

The collection was created when the brand reached its fifth-year anniversary. "We developed it for over 8 months”, explained François van den Abeele, founder and CEO. "It is the symbol of what we are and what we have created in the last few years to become pioneers of a sustainable system or, as we say, a ‘seastainable’ and circular system for the production of glasses, designed for people all over the world. This is the second time that we have collaborated with photographer Weston Fuller, and our intention was to bring attention to the climate emergency and threat of plastic pollution in the seas thanks to a powerful visual experience using photographic artworks that are memorable and emotive”.

The 5 Oceans collection is composed of 6 unisex models with shades and wave effects inspired by marine life along with sea-inspired details such as the shell effect on both sides of the frame front.

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