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The countdown for DaTE has started

September 11 2019

Soon cutting-edge eyewear will have a new unmissable appointment: DaTE in Florence. Let’s find out all the novelties about the event from Giovanni Vitaloni, the Chairman of MIDO, the event’s organising partner. 

How many participants will there be for the DaTE edition that will be held at the Leopolda in Florence from 21 to 23 September?

The event has been quite consistent on the back of the real requirements of the market. It was created to promote an independent product in an independent market, particularly in Italy. It presents a selection of products for opticians wanting to diversify their business. The role of the committee promoting the event - that MIDO is involved in as organisational partner - is certainly business related but is mainly cultural. 

What can you tell us about the exhibitors?

In keeping with the event, they are original and innovative. The exhibitors at DaTE have a smaller production volume than large companies, so very often they have the opportunity to be more experimental and adventurous. As in the past, the selection process has been very thorough and we will have exhibitors from all over the world – from the US to Japan, but also Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Spain, UK, France, etc) and obviously Italy.

What are the reasons that draw brands to this event at the Leopolda in Florence?

The success of the event stems from a combination of design, business and culture and the Leopolda in Florence is the perfect setting for each of these. Our model has proven to be smart and effective, so much so that they are now trying to copy the format in other countries. DaTE has started to look beyond Italy too, so there could even be overseas editions in the future.

Will there be any changes to the lay-out of the event?

Yes, we have redefined the exhibition areas this year: Yin, Yang, Tao and Zen. This marks a return “to our roots” and the oriental origins of the trade fair’s name. DA-TE is actually a Japanese movement that can be translated as “fashion eyewear not requiring a prescription”. Asian youngsters wear them because they are trendy, not because of any medical reasons. The Orient has also inspired our communication which is characterised by “ching”, a traditional oriental system that has been used for centuries to predict the future. “Seeing the future” seemed particularly apt in terms of DaTE’s “vision”, as this is an event which is able to be forward-looking. 

What are your expectations for this edition?

Aside from confirming the success of previous editions, we want to strengthen the excellence which makes DaTE stand out from other events. Selected companies, a target of high-profile professionals from the sector, a minimalist but high-impact layout to underscore the exclusive collections and the people who designed them. On top of that, we want to continue to promote awareness of this specific market segment.




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