WMIDO - Milano Eyewear Show - February 4-5-6 - 2023

The countdown to the 8th edition of DaTE has begun.

September 4 2020

Eyewear gets “real” again with the 8th edition of DaTE.

Set to open in Florence on September 19 till September 21, for the first time, buyers, opticians, manufacturers and media will meet face-to-face in a physical place: the Stazione Leopolda.

All contagion-prevention standards will be implemented, in compliance with the measures set by the Italian Ministry of Health.

The show will feature Italian and international exhibitors - the list of brands will be announced next week - and is the eyewear industry’s first European trade show in the Fall of 2020.

Registration are opened at www.dateyewear.com You will receive your digital admission pass via email, allowing access to the show.

The words of Giovanni Vitaloni, President of DaTE

“We hope the 2020 edition of DaTE will be the first of many opportunities to relaunch our industry which, although experiencing difficulties, has shown resilience and strength in adversity. Today, more than ever, we need to rediscover the tangible values and efficacy of human relations in a ‘real’ setting.

This is why we decided to go forward with the show, the first European event catering to our industry. It is a crucial opportunity to lay the groundwork for things to come, a trial run and a positive sign for all of our stakeholders. Businesses understood the importance of being on board and responded with keen interest.

And, starting today, we await the response of Italian visitors anxious to contribute to re-starting our industry. Stronger, together: the time has come for all of us to refresh the page and re-imagine ourselves, to start growing again, inspiring each other.

Each and every member of the supply chain is valuable. We look forward to seeing you come out in force, ensuring you an entirely safe show”.

Updates and news are always available at dateyewear.com and on the event’s social profiles: www.instagram.com/dateyewear/and www.it-it.facebook.com/DateEyewearOfficial/

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