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The esoteric soul of Kreuzbergkinder.

March 15 2023

The Suspirium collection by Kreuzbergkinder, created by Rome native, designer Ioana A. Serbanescu, is inspired by all things related to witches and the ever-present esoteric history of Berlin, that seeps through its veins and hangs in the air.

This collection is not for the faint-hearted, with its intensely rich colours of burgundy, petrol, and of course classic polished black. Striking elements adorn the face of the wearer and demand attention which they will certainly get. For some carefully selected frames, a slot in the shape of a ´K´ has been carved out of the temples so that the wearer can accessorize their cherished piece with a chain as a more comfortable yet stylish addition.

In keeping with its identity, this collection represents one of the many facets of what is deemed ´Underground´ in Berlin, the story of witches was only a natural direction for us to take. These powerful beings are in our fairy tales and our folklore, in our books and on our television screens. Now their allure can be emulated and yours forever. Designer Ioana A. Serbanescu also took inspiration from the infamous cult classic by another Rome native, Dario Argento´s - ´Suspiria´. Both the original 1977 film and remake from 2018 tell the tale of a coven hidden under the guise of a dance school, the latter set in Kreuzbergkinders own Berlin. As a sign of magical synchronisation with the Universe, we were fortunate to shoot our own campaign for Suspirium around the corner from where the 2018 version of Suspiria was filmed, only deepening the connection.
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