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The fashion trends set to be a big hit in 2023.

January 10 2023

Pinterest has published Pinterest Predicts 2023, the annual report on the most interesting trends for the following year.

The predictions are based on an indepth analysis of search results from over 400 million global users of the platform1, which enables identification of the most interesting ideas to keep an eye on. People use Pinterest to plan the future and find new ideas; by analysing their search data, the platform can gain a sneak peak of future trends in order to understand what will be successful before it actually achieves this status.

From beauty and fashion trends like “Gemini hair” (two-toned) and “Airy Styles” (ethereal outfits) to trends in household and ambience categories like “Hipstoric Home” (embracing vintage and contemporary) and “Rainscapes” (the precious resource of water), Pinterest has analysed the searches carried out by users of the platform to identify the trends that will probably emerge or continue to be popular in 2023.

Pinterest Predicts, now in its ninth edition, is a complete and exhaustive report outlining the future trends for 2023, information which cannot be found anywhere else. For the third year running, in fact, 8 out of 10 of the predictions made were correct2.

So, what’s in store in 2023? Here are some of the trends for next year in the fashion sector:

Airy Styles

This year, the fashion is for lightness and brightness, sinuous forms and gender-neutral style details. Tulle, ruffles and sparkles will win over 
 everyone, of any gender.

Fringe with Benefits

Jackets with tassels? In 2023, these will be put to one side and replaced with fringing: finer, long 

and wavy. It’s a detail that will embellish dresses and skirts, and even 
wedding dresses.

Romcom Core - fashion revival

The romantic comedies of the 
 2000s will bring back outfits this year with pink miniskirts, bandeau tops, dresses with rhinestones 
 and cargo pants.

Sci-Fi Fits

In 2023, fashion will take us
 light years into the future. Gen Z 

and the Millennials will choose futuristic outfits (including eyewear) like cyber streetwear 
and gamer looks.

1 Pinterest, global analysis, third quarter 2022

2 Pinterest, global search data, reference period: July 2018-June 2022.

Ph. Courtesy of Pinterest
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