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The first collection of socially responsible recycled plastic watches by Sea2See.

June 17 2021

Sea2see launched of their first watch collection produced with their unique signature Upsea Plast recycled marine plastic. Developed exclusively in Switzerland, the new watch collection represents a completely new category of watch design with case and strap made from 100% recycled marine plastic. This collection offers 22 individual watch models, produced in 2 sizes.

Sea2see pledge ‘Time 4 Time’

Furthermore, in its commitment to social responsibility, for every Sea2see watch sold, the brand has pledged to support Free the Slaves in Ghana by providing 10 days’ education for a child rescued from slavery.

“Child trafficking in the fishing trade is an issue in the Lake Volta area where we collect plastic in Ghana, and we can’t accept that,” says Sea2see founder François van den Abeele.

“Our ‘Time 4 Time’ pledge shines the light on giving meaning to our time rather than wasting it, and taking action to help others with immediate results. This is an opportunity for people to donate a moment of their time (through the sale of a watch) and provide 10 days of education time for a child in need.”

“Kids are sold and forced to work in the fishing trade on the lake where we have our waste collection program in place. Our objective now is extending our links with the communities by saving and supporting these youngsters who have been mistreated.”

Sea2see ‘Waste 4 Time’ campaign

Additionally, and in the same way as Sea2see optical frames and sunglasses, the sale of one watch will fund the collection and recycling of 1kg of marine plastic through the Sea2see program for removing marine waste.

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