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The future optical frames according to Blackfin

January 17 2020

Blackfin's new Spring/Summer 2020 optical frames embody its most authentic expression. The collection of frames expresses the brand’s uniqueness while its essence – titanium, absolute quality and design – remains intact.

The Homewood, Vicksburg and Anfield styles are part of the Blackfin One line. The three frames – one for men, one unisex and the third, a more feminine style – reflect the Italian eyewear brand’s return to its origins where the material qualities of titanium blend with the sculpted lines that have long distinguished Blackfin products. The result is three bold, richly hued styles and a fascinating interplay of contrasts between exterior and interior or front and temples, which emphasize the thick profiles in olive green or electric blue against gunmetal gray; ultramarine green and cherry red; powder pink and dark brown; burgundy red and cerulean blue; or, mocha brown and champagne gold.

Panto-shaped Sandvik is part of the same line but differs from the previous styles by paring down the thickness of the frame to highlight the airy lightness of titanium, while accentuating the vivid colors: purple, midnight blue / pink, burgundy red / beige.

On the heels of its initial release in the Fall/Winter 19-20 collection, Blackfin Aura – created with the aim of bolstering specific segments within optical line – has been expanded. The new Cortes and Tortuga styles reflect a cross-fertilization between beta titanium and cellulose acetate infused with light and color. With generous oval rims, the former style defines a graceful, feminine shape that is further accented in the latter, thanks to a slightly upturned, more square-cut top rim. Here again the color palette is crafted to highlight the contrast in materials and lend finesse and sophistication to these two feminine styles.

All Blackfin frames are fitted with the new tilting nose pads and latest-gen ergonomically designed Swordfish temple tips.


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