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The latest 10 eyewear trends.

October 1 2021

Eyewear takes on different characters, the result of ongoing research and innovation. Design is inspired by iconic examples from its own past; it discovers new technological and architectural frontiers, constantly updating for a contemporary look. Eyewear creativity is today also focused on ‘green culture’, now an integral part of its DNA.

So squared

loewe 350Prescription and sunglasses feature the volumetric games of square shapes, marked by originality and size. The Eighties inspiration is clear.Eyewear: Loewe

In search of lightness

bolon 350Lightness is both a functional and aesthetic feature to be sought in glasses. The philosophy of Less is More is expressed through rimless and semi-rimless frames, made with state-of-the-art materials.Eyewear: Bolon

Oversize me

kirk 350
Outsize sunglasses continue to attract attention. A staple from the Seventies, now they’re back with new and modern designs while maintaining their original character.
Eyewear: Kirk & Kirk

Never-ending black

fabbrica torino noto indossato 1 350
Black never fails to seduce, with its innate elegance. In eyewear, it’s often used with bold shapes.
Eyewear: Fabbrica Torino

Rounded shapes

lunor 350
Round shapes continue to be a must-have, especially in prescription eyewear. Even though this shape may be difficult to carry off, it’s been in many collections for a number of seasons now.
Eyewear: Lunor

All shades of pink

retrosuperfuture 350
Pink in all its hues and shades is taking over eyewear. Fashion finally beats the urban myth that this colour is ‘girly’, and now proposes items in pink for men.
Eyewear: Retrosuper

Tortoise shell... true love

good's 350An absolute classic, which looks good with both spectacles and sunglasses.
Eyewear: good's


original vintage 350
An accessory detail breaks into the collections, establishing itself as a must-have for the future.
Eyewear: Original Vintage Sunglasess

The genderless era

kenzo 350
Prêt-à-porter collections now abandon any distinction between male and female models, ready for a new era. In reality, it is a revolution where eyewear acts as a forerunner with unisex collections.
Eyewear: Kenzo


23 eyewear 350
The eyewear industry is increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the planet with ethical choices, doing so with the creation of bio-based materials and the use of recycled raw materials. There has been an exponential increase in the number of companies establishing sustainable business models.
Eyewear: 23 eyewear
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