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The link between Mykita and Maison Martin Margiela continues.

August 20 2020

Mykita expands its longstanding design partnership with Maison Martin Margiela via a special edition created in collaboration with studio MM6. Taking its cue from the label’s lighter take on avant-garde, the eyewear designs present a more contemporary, street-inspired mood.

The special eyewear edition picks up on the MM6 house concept of ‘circularity’, which appears in the AW2020 runway collection in the shape of sculpted circle skirts, sweaters and padded circle coats.

Mylon and the technology of 3D

The sunshields all use the same straight frame construction made of Mylon with different shield shapes to create the distinct silhouettes. Oversized yet ultra lightweight, the models showcase the unique possibilities of the Mylon material and the technology of 3D manufacturing.

Despite its high-tech origins, the pigmented, matt Mylon surface has an organic quality. This is accentuated when paired with the sleek, reflective surface of the lens shields – a reference to the textured design language of urban sportswear.

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