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The new campaign New Look x Sea2see.

September 25 2020

In a continued commitment to sustainability and ecological progress, Sea2see is growing its partnership with leading optical chain New Look Eyewear, the Canadian company based in Quebec with over 87 stores in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

New Look Eyewear has embraced the Sea2see values to make a real and valuable impact in their sustainable actions, launching a dedicated campaign with the Sea2see brand, in French and English, and highlighting the latest ophthalmic models in the Sea2see collection through eye-catching advertising materials, posters and banners online and in-store.

Who is Jessie Nadeau

The high-impact New Look x Sea2see campaign is endorsed by young Canadian vegan activist and eco influencer Jessie Nadeau (Instagram: @jessie.nadeau). Nadeau is the president and co-founder of @veganemaispasplate and has a following of 187k on Instagram on her personal page which she dedicates to ecological and social change.

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