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The new course of Maison Jean-François Rey.

October 26 2022

Maison Jean-François Rey has been confirming a very well performance with double-digit growth, since the trio Ralf Kmoch, Dan Levi and Walter Pirinoli have been taking over the company, just a year ago.

The company welcomes this performance, which the 3 joint-Directors explain by the deep restructuring work carried out during this period, as well as to recent strategic adjustments. The change of the company management has led to new fundamental considerations such as teams who are now at the center of the projects by individually motivating each of the employees, for a better collective efficiency. All these efforts have made it possible in record time to maintain the course of change and prepare the company for its new challenges.

The customer satisfaction policy has become an unconditional priority. As just one example, the strengthening of the quality service ensures now to control of each frame before it is delivered to the optician. But the key feature for a company such as Maison JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY, is in the creation and innovation. Young talents, with their refreshing vision and new ideas, have joined the existing and highly experienced Design-Creation division: a very well-balanced team to embrace new creative challenges.
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