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The shape of good taste

January 16 2018
In Vanni’s new advertising campaign, the flavours of Italian food and taste in eyewear perform in perfect unison. “We went back to the creative roots of what makes Vanni eyewear unique. Then we found our essence right under our eyes, speaking to us through something that is part of our everyday Italian lives, and where ever we are in the world. This is what we are made of: our daily bread and the simplicity of the food on our plate. Who is born or has lived or travelled in this country can appreciate the care and passion that goes into the preparation of food everyday, a perfect metaphor for our savoir faire: a mixture of capable hands and heart and the best ingredients that nature has to offer”, said the company President, Giovanni Vitaloni. “Taste is what arrouses our taste buds and sense of smell, but also is what helps us recognize an aesthetic balance of shape and colour. It is the good taste of Vanni eyewear that we take in with our eyes and minds. An Italian claim accompanies the campaign because we want to emphasize our message in the evocative words of our own language. Just as a cook creates his dish with a highly calibrated and selected mix of ingredients, cooked to perfection, we create our eyewear in the same way. The choice of materials, worked with tradition, injected with innovation, serving up excellent products with unparalleled character,” concluded the President.
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