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Faema E61

The stylish icon of designer coffee, Faema E61, celebrates its 60th anniversary.

August 10 2021

Even after 60 years, the classic Faema E61 is still today one of the best machines for designer coffee. Becoming an unquestionable icon in bars since its creation, this year sees the E61 dressed to celebrate this important anniversary while all its fans are treated to various initiatives: new specific merchandising, a competition on social media, a partnership to mark its close relationship with the world of cycling and a charity auction.

And, to respond to customers’ new demands (such as the growing trend for Home Bars), it is transformed into a true ‘wishlist item’ for a new (domestic) environment with the Limited Edition E61 1 Group Anniversary model. This version maintains the machine's essential professional character while cleverly blending style, fashion and the new setting into the mix.

Designed to fit every environment, it has a power level suited to a domestic context and is made even more unique by the aesthetic details in wood, like the coffee release lever, which partners perfectly withthe steel body of the machine and the distinctive red shade of the back-lit panel.

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