Transitions sponsor of Pro Tour Team Garmin

December 2 2009

Transitions Optical, the leading manufacturer of photochromic lenses, has announced its sponsorship of Team Garmin-Slipstream in 2010. The elite professional cycling team, dedicated to ethical sporting and developing the next generation of cycling champions, will become Team Garmin-Transitions. The partnership will provide Transitions Optical with the opportunity to create visibility for their adaptive eyewear Transitions® lenses and Transitions® SOLFX™.

“We are excited to be partnering with one of cycling's premier teams. As we looked to replicate the success of our PGA relationship in North America with a similar relationship that is also focused on Europe; we found that this team was the perfect fit,” said Brett Craig, President of Transitions Optical.

Over the coming months, Transitions Optical will launch an extensive marketing campaign in Europe, Middle-East and Africa, featuring the Team Garmin-Transitions as well as providing the elite squad with its most advanced photochromic lens technology.

“Cycling is undergoing a surge in popularity around the world and presents an outstanding platform for communicating on our products. The Garmin-Transitions riders will not just be wearing our logo, they will be experiencing the benefits of our lenses during the races,” added Lindsay Brown, General Manager, Transitions Optical EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

“We are thrilled to be associated with such a talented and ethical team that has received so much recognition for their success,” highlighted Caroline Tikhomiroff, Marketing Director, Transitions Optical EMEA. “Cycling represents one of the best values in the arena of international professional sports and is the second most popular recreational activity in the world. Sponsoring a professional team enables Transitions to reach millions of consumers in a meaningful, impactful way. Transitions lenses are for everyone, they perfectly fit with the everyday search of consumers for an active, health conscious lifestyle. Cycling is a participative sport; you can either watch it or do it yourself every day. The recent developments on rental bike programs in Europe’s big cities are the proof of the new boom in cycling.”
Transitions lenses are ideally suited to the sport of cycling.  The athletes of Team Garmin-Transitions will compete over hundreds of kilometres per day, continuously going through different lighting conditions. Training and racing with Transitions® lenses will give the team a true technological advantage that will enhance their visual quality and provide them with a comfortable vision, protected from changing light and UV rays.
 “Our riders are constantly going through different lighting conditions while training and racing. If we can enhance their visual performance, it will give us a big advantage on the road. We are very enthusiastic to partner with Transitions Optical and experience their cutting-edge technology. Like the team, Transitions is driven by innovation and a commitment to excellence. We are thrilled to work with them,” said Jonathan Vaughters, CEO of Slipstream Sports, the sports management organisation that owns the team.

“The riders of this team have set the standard for ethical competition while racing and training with the best technology available,” said Brett Craig, President of Transitions Optical.”

Team Garmin-Transitions is dedicated to promoting ethical sporting and developing the next generation of cycling champions. In 2007, Slipstream created the most progressive anti-doping system in the professional sports world and now works with Anti-Doping Research, Inc. (ADR) and ADSI (the Anti-Doping Sciences Institute) to continue its anti-doping mission.

“From a business standpoint, working with Transitions is a perfect fit,” said Matt Johnson, President of Slipstream Sports. “The sponsorship provides Transitions an opportunity to showcase their products to customers, globally.”


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