WMido - Milano Eyewear Show - February 3-5 - 2024
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Unprecedented collaboration for SNOB Milano with Nove25.

February 21 2023

Mido debuts the collab sunglasses collection between SNOB Milano and Nove25: five models, including three new ones designed with Nove25, all customised by Milanese jewellery with a pointed finish in burnished silver on the temple. A synergy of strong impact and personality that combines a precious metal with a democratic product such as spectacles. Each piece, rigorously produced by Sordelli in Venegono Inferiore, Varese – is available in four different colours, enriched by ZEISS Sunlens certified lenses.

A collaboration in which the two styles blend perfectly, enhancing creativity and craftsmanship.

The words Tommaso Bossetti, creative mind of the Milanese eyewear brand SNOB Milano

"For SNOB Milano, this collaboration represents a breaking point, both in the product and in communication; a different experience that renews the intention to go further, explore new paths, synergies, languages - A professional goal that combines with great personal and human pleasure. Nove25 was born in the neighbourhood where I live in Milan, it is an institution and has a beautiful history made of passion and coherence and taking in a lot of Milanese essence. Roberto Dibenedetto (CEO of the brand) is a guy who is able to involve and fascinate you in a way that is never obvious or demagogic. Today we have a solid, technical, contemporary backbone that is the eyewear collection in
collaboration with ZEISS Sunlens, increasingly appreciated and also recognized internationally which is our trademark somewhat, our business card: the glasses with the clip, "quality ones"; we like to be able to add to our signature collection of satellite operations characterised by avant-garde, experimentation and innovation, such as this collab, which
emerged from the fortunate encounter with Nove25 to return to speak also to a younger audience that are attentive to details and increasingly looking for exclusive products. The synergy created with Roberto was perfect, I would not rule out it being the beginning of a lasting project."

The declaration of Dino Sordelli, commercial manager, owner of Sordelli

"My family has been producing glasses for 4 generations and insofar as we can recall, we do not remember having ever collaborated in production with a jewellery company. In addition to being a collaboration with a strong commercial impact, I have felt it since the first meetings as a more interesting and challenging experience; it is not only the meeting of two brands, and thus a communication opportunity, but also the meeting of two production chains that the world envies. For this reason, I believe that the capsule has great potential at an international level; it will be very stimulating to present Mido to our partners."

The words of Roberto Dibenedetto Founder Nove25

"We are excited about the collaboration between Nove25 and SNOB Milano, the first in the sunglass sector for our brand. Two young Italian companies that pride themselves on innovation, style and the quality of their creations".
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