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Up in the Dolomites, eyewear reveals a wish to look to the future

August 21 2020

The long-established Cadora-based company, Trevi Coliseum, will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary next year. Andrea Romano, the company’s Marketing Manager, tells us about the values that have allowed the company to become an international player.

Which values do you focus on for the future of eyewear?

Everything is created in our laboratory, inspired by the Dolomites, from the expert hands of true craftsmanship and the charm of contemporary design. We work on contemporary trends to create urban-style frames with a vintage look; an example of an ordinary item being presented in a brilliant new light. This is what defines the daring style of the Trevi1971 collection, revealing the arrival of a new world where a desire for rebirth comes from those who never forgo the right to express their creative soul. Eclectic frames, each created with precise craftsmanship to highlight the uniqueness and personality of the wearer while guaranteeing a quality product with maximum comfort. A key factor lies in the Clark lifestyle - the everyday collection - which is influenced by countless styles (from classic to sporty) and can satisfy all tastes.

How is the post-Covid ‘Made-in-Italy’ industry perceived?

‘Made-in-Italy’ collections undoubtedly represent the best-known and most popular brand in the world - it transmits a message of beauty, engagement, tradition, all connected to customer emotion. A love of Italy is in fact inbred into Trevi Coliseum, a company which has never forgotten its origins but has instead made them an integral part of its company values. In the near future it will surely be possible to restructure the value chain, thanks also to increased digitalization of work processes - this will also allow a strengthening of concepts such as creativity, innovation and culture, all of which are key elements in Italian brands and products.

Has your reputation for quality been reinforced?

Certainly - “handmade” items combine the tradition of craftsmanship with Italian culture, a combination that increases both the quality of the product and its reputation.

What will you present at MIDO 2021?

April heralds a special anniversary for us - the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Trevi Coliseum. This anniversary, with its propositional impact, motivates us to forge an even closer relationship with our customers, and involve them in this important celebration that will take place next year. For example, for the next MIDO appointment, we are planning a unique limited edition collection and an event during the fair.

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