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Valentino Rossi is new ambassador for Oakley campaign

March 30 2011

Oakley has announced that MotoGP icon Valentino Rossi is the new ambassador for the Oakley brand: the champion has chosen it for its top performance and unique style.

“Valentino’s thirst for adrenalin fits the Oakley brand perfectly” said Scott Bowers, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Brand Development at Oakley.
”He continually pushes performance to the limit and he respects the fact that we earned our authenticity by doing the same. In all the sports that demand the best vision possible, sports champions choose Oakley eyewear technology for the ultimate leading-edge protection and performance. Valentino Rossi recognizes and respects this. In addition to his record-breaking successes, he is known for his outgoing personality, which is perfectly reflected in the Oakley style. We are honored that he has joined us to serve as a brand ambassador, to rely on Oakley innovation and fully interpret the Oakley style” Scott Bowers concluded.
Valentino Rossi is frequently described by the press and TV as “the greatest of all time”.
It is well-known that Valentino has very high expectations and goals for himself and his team.

“I chose to work with Oakley because they share my nature” Rossi said. “Attention to technology and innovation is what makes the quality of Oakley eyewear so exceptional”.

Holbrook is the Oakley eyewear model that is currently Valentino’s favorite. He is working with Oakley designers on the development of his personal version of this classic model which will be called V46 Signature Holbrook.
As brand ambassador, Valentino Rossi’s face will appear in the Oakley communication campaign in Italy and Spain.

One of the most successful motorcycle racers, Valentino has won 9 Grand Prix World Championships, 7 of them in the premier category. He has consolidated is iconic status in motorcycling by winning over 100 races. Currently, Valentino holds the record for 79 victories in the MotoGP 500cc class.


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