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VidiVici Occhiali Bologna star of Tim Cup Final Eight 2007

February 15 2007

VidiVici Occhiali Bologna has been confirmed as one of the stars of the Italian basketball season in the home games.
At a packed Palamalaguti stadium, the Bolognese team played an all-out game and came second in the Tim Cup Final Eight 2007 along with the championships' top teams.

It was an emotional weekend for the Vu nere and, spurred on by a championship to remember, they enthralled the crowd of fans who had come to support the team.

VidiVici Occhiali Bologna had the best of starts in the Final Eight when it beat Whirpool Varese by 69 to 62. A match that was all uphill at the start but was immediately put on the right track by an incredible Best. But it was Blizzard's triple at 3 minutes from the end which brought this first match to a close.

Virtus got to the semifinal against a tough Armani Jeans Milan team. A very close spectacular battle of giants when both sides showed what they were worth. The two teams played head-to-head and it was only at overtime that the verdict went in favor of Bologna.

The final also saw VidiVici Occhiali play a hard game against Italian champion team Treviso right up to the last shot, proof that it is one of the toughest Italian basketball teams to beat.

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