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Waiting for the DaTE: Covrt Project.

August 20 2021

DaTE, the international fair for avant-garde eyewear, will take place from Saturday 11th to Monday 13th September in Florence, at the Leopolda station. The event aims to be a strategic meeting opportunity, attracting companies which are known worldwide for their eyewear innovation and design, for their exclusive and selected products. As the ninth edition of DaTE approaches, we have interviewed some of the key players.

In this interview we meet Marcello Martino from Covrt Project.

Shaping the avant-garde is the essence of DaTE. What form has your brand taken and how does it give shape to avant-garde innovation?

Harnessing the attitude of a streetwear brand with the know-how of an independent creative eyewear label – we have created a strong, identity-driven sunglasses and optical collection, with a completely new mission cultivated on the streets, at the heart of the avant-garde factions of urban culture.

The materials are a key element of unique and original collections, while never neglecting the issue of sustainability. Which materials have you chosen for the DaTE 2021 collections?

Opposed to the fast-fashion throwaway culture, the brand is a strong advocate of producing eyewear with a long-lasting quality of design and timeless aesthetic vocabulary that make the products worth treasuring over time. Covrt Project accessories explore multi-functionality in designs that are practical, adaptable, and built to last. Covrt Project’s collection _Mission One is conceived through the design of a single, unique visor, with high-tech, quality focused constructions in milled steel or milled Mazzucchelli acetate.

Exclusivity, transgression, design. These are all concepts that have distinguished DaTE since its creation. Which one is most characteristic of your brand, and why?

Personality is expressed through your face and your eyes - we aim to enhance that with maximum effect, giving our tribe heightened powers of self-expression. Our design Ethos is to combine technical innovation and a credible, relatable statement in a range of stand-out, future-facing products. We have achieved what we see as a sophisticated balance between functionality, style and attention to detail that today’s streetwear aesthetic demands.

How does the Italian market perceive eyewear with a high level of design, focused on craftsmanship and high-tech?

There is no question about street style in Italy; Italian's are among the most stylish in the world, with an appreciation for slow fashion and the desire to express themselves uniquely. With this in mind it's important to pay particular attention to the customer needs, appreciation for materials, and a production process with attention to detail. All our suppliers in Italy have been handpicked over several years, thanks to the team’s long-term working relationships with the leaders in this field. This relationship required experimentation and high levels of expertise in trialling new production techniques and the use of materials or components from other industries, never before used in eyewear.

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