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Waiting for the DaTE: NIRVAN JAVAN.

July 30 2021
DaTE, the international fair for avant-garde eyewear, will take place from Saturday 11th to Monday 13th September in Florence, at the Leopolda station. The event aims to be a strategic meeting opportunity, attracting companies which are known worldwide for their eyewear innovation and design, for their exclusive and selected products. As the ninth edition of DaTE approaches, we have interviewed some of the key players. In this  interview we meet Nirvan Javan from the Swiss brand NIRVAN JAVAN.

Shaping the avant-garde is the essence of DaTE. What is the essence of your brand and how do you interpret the avant-garde?

NIRVAN JAVAN glasses are not simply glasses. They go beyond that. They are stories and ideas coming together from around the world. The unique settings and characters of various destinations pour into the models,  so as they are being worn, our cosmopolitan philosophy becomes manifest; to see the world for what it is, a place of diverse, borderless impressions of limitless inspiration. That is NIRVAN JAVAN’s way of the avant-garde, striving for new meanings behind the glasses and exploring even more fascinating destinations in the future.

Materials are a key element of unique and original collections which do not neglect sustainability. Which ones have you chosen for the DaTe 2021 collections?

The destination, that the collection is modelled after, is always part of the final design, especially when it comes to the material. The frames of our Tokyo Collection are handmade in Japan out of light titanium, while stainless steel is used for the models of the Chicago collection. Lastly, Japanese Acetate can be found in the frames of the London collection. These models especially benefit from the durability and rich colors that only Japanese Acetate can provide. What all of the collection have in common though, is the high quality and perfection NIRVAN JAVAN strives for, when choosing the right materials.


Exclusivity, transgression, design. These are all concepts that have distinguished DaTE since its birth. In which one does your brand find itself most and why?

Choosing exactly one of those attributes is quite difficult, since the focus varies depending on the collection. Shades of Rome highlight the exclusive nature of the Italian capital, while the Tokyo collection transgresses into far away cultures, bringing them closer to those drawn to distant destinations. It is the purist, clean and slick design together with the richness of diverse cultures that make up the designer’s style, and are thus present in every model.

What is the level of perception on the Italian market of high-design eyewear that pays attention to craftsmanship and technology?

The Italian market is a very special one. In terms of design, imagination and most of all style it is far ahead of many other markets. This is also thanks to the Italian willingness to experiment and try out unusual and  groundbreaking designs. This gives the designer himself an incredible freedom to experiment, while meeting the high quality expectations. In short, Italians appreciate creative designs and high quality like no other.

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