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Waiting for the DaTE: Lafont.

August 5 2021

DaTE, the international fair for avant-garde eyewear, will take place from Saturday 11th to Monday 13th September in Florence, at the Leopolda station. The event aims to be a strategic meeting opportunity, attracting companies which are known worldwide for their eyewear innovation and design, for their exclusive and selected products. As the ninth edition of DaTE approaches, we have interviewed some of the key players. In this  interview we meet Thomas Lafont from the French Lafont.

haping the avant-garde is the essence of DaTE. What is the essence of your brand and how do you interpret the avant-garde?

Maison Lafont considers avant-garde and our on-going creativity as a value and a duty towards our partners and customers. Avant-garde is a value. Since 40 years, we always believe in the renewal of our Parisian spirit. We pledge to translate it into a colorful, innovative and technical collections where passion and style go hand in hand. Like no one else, we also believed in the historical cradle of the French eyewear production based in Jura. Avant-garde is a duty. Lafont is an independent Maison. Our commitment leads to a genuine and distinctive offer.     

Materials are the basic for original and unique collections, but don’t forget the sustainability. Which are the materials that you used for collections?   

Lafont is an eyewear creator and a responsible stakeholder as well. Through the French origin of our production, we limit the manufacturing circuit of our frames. Soon, our new and eco-friendly kids collection will enrich our offer. We do consider material recycling as a new momentum and commit ourselves in this direction. Our studio also works on fusion of acetates which brings the color palette to infinite combinations and a new level. This approach is part of our frame maker role: a mix of tradition, high-tech and sustainability.

Exclusivity, transgression and design are all concepts that characterize DATE since its birth. In which conception do you recognize your brand?   

Design and exclusivity definitely define our 40 years of history and the direction we follow. Maison Lafont dedicates this positioning to kids and adults. The richness of our offer allows a wide variety of colors, materials and styles. We associate them to the eyewear tradition and an attention to details which guarantee the recognizable Lafont signature.          

How the Italian market perceives high design eyewear and glasses with craftsmanship and high technology?   

Italy is an utmost reference in the eyewear culture, refinement, and innovation. Through their open-mind, Italian opticians give a wonderful echo to design and originality. Their definition of colors, the true soul of our Maison, make them special and precious for Lafont. Not only do they appreciate “style”, but they also consider the manufacturing know-how as a noble art. We have always worked with Italian connoisseurs and highly respect them for their appreciation of such tastes.

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