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What will be the key colours for eyewear in S/S 2023?

March 30 2022

The answer to this question was provided yesterday during a special webinar offered for the entire MIDO Community by Coloro, a company with immense experience in the world of colour, textiles and fashion.

For 30 minutes, Joanne Thomas (Head of Content for Coloro) explored the power of colour and its psychological impact.

Her speech also revealed the strategy for selecting the right colours and harnessing their power: only with a sustainable approach, relying on a responsive technical support service and a special customer service team, it is possible to achieve a positive effect on both the environment and business performance. The industry requires “the creation of colours with informed awareness, using pigments and materials from the natural world, reducing waste and recycling waste items stated Thomas.

Finally, the five on-trend colours for S/S 2023 were announced. To discover the list, simply click here


The webinar is a preparatory event to the conference which will be held Saturday 30 April at 5.30 pm at MIDO 2022, inside the Otticlub (pavilion 15).
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