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When design is strongly able to adapt.

September 12 2022

The result of the first collaborative project between Luceplan and Pio & Tito Toso, Across is a versatile and dynamic lamp able to “cross” spaces with a clear and distinct graphic gesture.

The new linear suspension lamp consists of three interconnected axes of different sizes, which can create compositions that vary in form and complexity. The structure consists of an extruding horizontal element that holds the direct light source, and two elements attached by hinges that act as tie rods and allow the attachment of the lamp to walls or ceilings. Its flexibility means it can allow a multitude of new compositions to satisfy a variety of needs, both technical and stylistic.

In fact, when placed perpendicular to the base structure, the tie rods give the lamp a formal and serious profile, but if slanted, a more dynamic and lively effect is created.
 The Led source illuminates the area below evenly, without a dazzling glare. The body of the lamp is itself struck by the light in different ways acccording to how its elements are placed, creating elegant contrasting effects.
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