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Xperio lenses: one of the most valued solutions in the optical field

May 4 2012
Reduction of reflections and eyestrain, protection from harmful UV rays Eyes are constantly subject to reflected light which disturbs vision and leads to eyestrain. We eliminate strain with comfortable lenses and rely on technological innovations that have a decisive effect on our wellbeing. Xperio polarized lenses are one of the most valued applications in the optical field because they reduce reflections and eyestrain and protect against harmful UV rays. The lenses act on light by channeling it in one direction and excluding the reflected light rays that obstruct vision. At the same time, they sharpen depth perception and contrast without changing color quality.   Xperio polarized lenses are much more than sun lenses: because they manage reflected light, strain is reduced so the eyes are more relaxed and benefit from greater image sharpness and high levels of vision performance. This is also appreciated during driving, when we tend to narrow our eyes to cope with reflections from the road surface, dashboard or windshield. With Xperio lenses we are assured of sharp vision without any disturbance that could compromise our reaction to difficult situations.   And now there's another reason from Galileo! Buying advice in the form of a window poster that explains all the practical advantages of XPERIO POLARIZING LENSES. Outlets are always the preferred locations for providing information and arousing curiosity; this is why our stores' initiative not only includes the poster but also a communication kit of original elements that will add a touch of novelty to the window display and attract the attention of passersby. Not only: there is also information support for showing to the public and enhancing Xperio's great properties.
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