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Zeiss and the advantages of photochromic technology.

August 17 2020

People who habitually wear prescription glasses are often obliged to alternate them with sunglasses whenever they enter an indoor space or go outside and vice-versa.

What’s more, especially during this season it is essential to remember the importance of protecting the eyes from UV rays: excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation can harm the delicate skin around the eyes or impair the lens, reducing its transparency and causing damage that can worsen with advancing age.

Zeiss PhotoFusion

To avoid having to constantly change glasses, Zeiss Vision Care proposes photochromic technology by Zeiss PhotoFusion, the prescription lenses that turn from dark to light, and vice versa, fast to ensure maximum comfort in any light conditions, outside or inside.

Zeiss AdaptiveSun

But for anyone who loves to be in the open air, Zeiss AdaptiveSun is a valid alternative to traditional sun lenses and overcomes their limitations. In effect, they go from dark to lighter in a few seconds to adapt to the intensity of the surrounding light and always guarantee complete protection from UV rays.

AdaptiveSun smart lenses have been designed to automatically adapt their level of darkness depending on the exposure to sunlight. This way they ensure perfect protection from glare.

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