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The best optical stores in the world

Is your optical store amazing?

BESTORE is the international contest for the best optical stores in the world.
BESTORE 2019 will focus on two fundamental aspects which are crucial in determining the success of an optical store:

DESIGN: how the store looks and feels, and how lay-out, materials, design, furniture and general atmosphere contribute to create a unique shopping experience.


INNOVATION: all aspects pertaining to the relationship with the customers and with the suppliers: customer interaction and engagement, digital communication, the peculiar story of the store, its professional, human and emotional aspects.


BESTORE 2019 features two categories: BESTORE DESIGN and BESTORE INNOVATION. You are invited to apply to ONLY ONE category, by filling out the correspondent form and, where applicable, by uploading the files needed to complete your application.
An international jury of industry managers, visual merchandisers, designers and design experts will choose the best store in each category.
Winners will be announced and awarded during MIDO 2019.