MIDO’s engagement for a multi years program plan

MIDO has started a path to sustainability and company transparency. The goal is to obtain the ISO 20121 certification by 2022. It defines the requirements for the organization of sustainable events, that must be able to reduce the impact on the environment and on the community.

Plastic Free policies have already been implemented in 2019 and employees have been made aware of those related to waste of water, paper, food, and energy. Furthermore, a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct have been approved.

MIDO 2021 | Digital Edition, moreover, was the first virtual eyewear exhibition to be certified through strict inspection and testing by ISF CERT, to guarantee proper, uniform and transparent measurement of pertinent information to represent the “dimensions” of the virtual trade event, as occurs with the physical show. It also obtained the ISO 20121 certification for sustainability with Bureau Veritas Italia (assessment and analysis of risks related to quality, environment, health, safety, and social responsibility).

Events like MIDO that cater to the participation of many attendees generate a consistent environmental and social impact. Trying to limit this impact is not only an opportunity but also a duty, just as it is incumbent upon the organizer to increase the awareness of exhibitors, suppliers and visitors, and turn them into ambassadors for sustainability.

MIDO’s objective is to minimize the show’s environmental and social impact and this can only be achieved with the involvement and participation of all stakeholders. In fact, the certification process must be shared, be open to ongoing improvements and be positively embraced by all stakeholders.

MIDO 2022, which has received the Sustainability Certificate ISO 20121:2012 attesting the sustainable management of major events, has created many initiatives, including:

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