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2018 Edition

FEBRUARY 24-26, 2018

Live the Wonder

The 48th edition of MIDO took place under the banner of innovation, avant-garde creativity and cutting-edge developments in style, design, technology and manufacturing processes, as well as on eye health and eyecare. Even the installations in the common spaces in the pavilions have undergone innovative changes – the squares, corridors and theme areas, which exhibitors and visitors consistently find both brilliant and spellbinding, were redesigned by the creative team with the aim of eliciting even more unforgettable emotions – and exhibition areas.

One more innovation – BESTORE, the competition that rewards the best optical shops, has doubled its award categories: BESTORE DESIGN considers the stores that set themselves apart for the way in which the layout, materials, design, furnishings and general atmosphere contribute to creating a not-to-be-missed shopping experience; and BESTORE INNOVATION, that takes into consideration all the aspects related to improving customer service, interaction with customers and suppliers, handling of communications, the store’s history and its professional, human and emotional aspects.

The numbers

Over 58,000 attendees from 159 countries, 1,305 exhibitors from 47 countries spread across 7 pavilions and 8 exhibition areas. The hashtag #MIDO2018 has exceeded 800k interactions in terms of comments, "likes" and shares. Social users participated in the news stream from the fair, generating an average of 100k "likes" per day. The leading social channel was Instagram, which focused on the real live story of the event with 28,000 profile visits and 664k impressions on the days of the fair.
370 press releases overall, with more than 320 accredited journalists. 19 meetings in the Otticlub area with over 50 speakers.


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